A Few Simple Bodyweight Workouts That Can be Done While Watching the World Cup

So you only have so much free time, right? And that free time is going to be use watching the final World Cup games. That leaves no time for exercise. Any normal person may decide that this semi-legitimate excuse is enough to rationalize not working out (and possibly drinking beer instead), but much to the chagrin of you World Cup fans, I have a few solutions. Here are a few simple bodyweight workouts that can be done while watching the World Cup, without even needing to take your eyes of the TV.

The key to these workouts is continual movement at a medium-high intensity with short rest periods. Each of these workouts contain a series of exercises to be done back to back in sets, with 1 to 2 minutes of rest between sets. Scale as necessary.

Workout 1

4 sets of:
25 pushups
50 lunges
25 situps

Workout 2

5 sets of:
20 air squats
20 jumping jacks
20 calf raises
10 supermans

Workout 3

3 sets of:
20 situps
20 mountain climbers
20 dips
20 air squats
20 pushups
20 lunges

American Gladiators Back on NBC!

It was a great show, back in the day. There’s little better than watching guys and girls struggle against some fierce competition in contests of strength and agility. What ever happened to American Gladiators? Well, it doesn’t matter much anymore because this great show is coming back, on NBC. Yes, that’s right. American Gladiators is returning to our living rooms on January 6, 2008. Here’s looking forward to some great challenges in the Gladiator Arena!

The Last One Standing

Tonight, The Last One Standing premiers on the Discovery Channel. As the title implies, the show, which seems rooted in the Survivor camp, has a survivor-esque premise. Unlike other reality shows like Survivor, however, the Last One Standing really means the last one standing.

The show, which takes place in all sorts of exotic locations, pits contestants against one another in a variety of competitions that require extreme levels of endurance or ability. Training alongside the indiginous people of the various remote parts of the World, three American and three British individuals take part in events from stick fighting and wrestling to log and canoe racing.

Each of the contestants excel individually in their own niche. The six athletes include Rajko, an all-rounder and former world record holder; Jason, the 2006 Florida State BMX Champion; Richard, who is an Oxford University sportsman (think cricket, rugby and croquet); Brad, a strongman; Mark, a British salsa dancer and kickboxer; and Corey, who is a hiker and endurance athlete.

The first episode which appears on the Discovery channel tonight at 9pm EST, starts in Brazil will determine which of the contestants excels most at the age old combat sport of wrestling.