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In the last couple of years, social networking sites have risen in Internet popularity faster than any other website type. First came MySpace and more recently, Facebook, which keeps getting a larger and larger community. Literally hundreds of other social networking sites exist. Wikipedia has a good sample of what’s out there. These sites allow users to post items about themselves, keep running commentaries (blogs), hook up with other people, hook up with their people, post pictures, videos and a whole whack of other things.

What’s neat about social networking is that it has the potential to put people in touch with other similar, like minded individuals. It creates a community and sometimes sub-communities and groups, allowing people to share and learn from others. Taking Facebook to a more focused audience, a growing number of social networking sites are targeting specific interests and activities. And fortunately, fitness and social networking seem to go hand in hand.

Below is a list of a bunch of social networking style fitness sites. Some of them are smaller sites that have just started up, while others have been around for a while and have been doing the social networking thing whether they knew it or not. By combining things like nutrition and exercise tracking, personal blogs, goal setting and tracking, groups, photo and video sharing and forum style posting, these sites could be truly useful tools for individuals interested in diet, fitness and health, or who are interested in losing some weight or changing their physique. By taking advantage of what social networking has to offer, the fitness-minded now have some new tools to help track their progress, meet new people and, probably most importantly, help stay motivated.

BodySpace A community driven site by This site has a lot of members, boasting over 87,000 user profiles as of this writing. Good progress tracking. Blogging, photo and video sharing and forums also offered. Has a humungous library of articles on
Sparkpeople Another site that has been around for a while. Features personalized pages and blogs, meal plans and recipes. Tools for calculating calories and tracking exercise and weight. A wealth of nutrition and exercise information and articles.
traineo A new site on the block. Offers similar features to the rest - personalized page, goal and diet tracking, community. Also features a unique concept of having “motivators” to help keep you on track.
My Fit Tribe My Fit Tribe calls itslef “an island of fun, fitness and friends”. Although the whole tropical island theme is a little strange, the site has a nice layout and some good articles. Blogs, video workouts, exercises, groups, forums, photo sharing.
Wellsphere Another newer site. Personalization, groups, trainer support, goal tracking, health club listings, event searching.
Fitlink Beyond the usual fare of social networking features, fitlink also has integration with google maps for mapping (and sharing) running routes. Also has a fairly usable “workout generator”. Personalization, goal tracking, groups, photos. Small, but growing community.
gimme20 Fitness and progress tracking, workout builder, personalization, blogs, forums and groups. Small, but growing community.
Shapefit Fittracker From the fairly extensive fitness website Shapefit comes FitTracker. With a large existing readership, this fledgling offspring community site is rapidly growing. Has all the usuals - personalization, groups, photos, goal tracking, workout generator, etc. Like BodySpace, has a very large number of articles on its parent site.

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    Thanks very much for the kind words about MyFitTribe! We chose the Tiki Theme because fitness should be fun and sexy! Also, just wait! We’re going to be having special tropical events (cruises, parties) with the MyFitTribe members! It will be a blast! Anyhow, thanks again and keep checking back regularly as we’re adding new features all the time!

    August 15th, 2007

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  3. No problem Jamie, this was a great article with a few great sites that I hadn’t heard of before.

    August 24th, 2007

  4. Chirag Patel

    Also, check out Gyminee

    September 15th, 2007

  5. has the most interactive fitness site. Better than all those listed.

    May 15th, 2008

  6. Coming out by the end of the summer is This site will include a daily workout log, a daily nutrition log and all of the social networking services currently offered on sites such as myspace. You will also be able to seach members of gyms and interact with personal trainers, nutritionists and physical therapists in order to get professional answers to all of your fitness questions. Check it out now to sign up for our newsletter and register to get a free t-shirt.

    June 9th, 2008

  7. Hello guys,

    Its an interesting topic and should be discussed.

    Anyhow I enjoyed reading your post and Im glad I found it today! Ill check back soon for your next releases, thanks.

    It would be great to get this particular thread really active!

    I have trained hard in the past with running etc in thew army but I have to say combining Q10 and swimming gets the best results.

    ALso with the latest in mdeical science and wholistic techniques I would not be supprised if life expectancy rose to 90+ years in the modern world.

    June 10th, 2008

  8. Hi all great information here and good thread to comment on.

    Can I ask though - how did you get this picked up and into google news?

    Very impressive that this blog is syndicated through Google and is it something that is just up to Google or you actively created?

    Obviously this is a popular blog with great data so well done on your seo success..

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  9. Foods to give you 24 arthritis relief

    The idea that food can cause or relieve arthritis isn’t new. More than 200 years ago, English doctors prescribed cod-liver oil to treat gout and rheumatism. Although the debate is still raging and all the evidence isn’t in yet, more and more doctors are convinced diet has a role to play in relieving the symptoms of arthritis.

    Foods for arthritis relief
    Which fruits, vegetables, meat, or fish should you eat? There are no absolute rules, but the results of studies and case histories suggest that these foods may be helpful:

    · Anchovies: Three-and-a-half ounces of anchovies contain almost a gram and a half of omega-3 fatty acids. The omega-3 fatty acids help regulate the prostaglandins, which play a role in inflammation and, hence, pain. However, anchovies are extremely high in sodium, so if sodium-sensitivity or water retention is a problem for you, choose a different kind of fish.

    · Apples: Not only can an apple a day keep the doctor away, but it may also help to hold your arthritis at bay. Apples contain boron, a mineral that appears to reduce the risk of developing osteoarthritis. Moreover, when boron was given to people who already have the disease, it helped relieve pain.

    · Cantaloupe: This sweet fruit contains large amounts of vitamin C and beta-carotene, the plant form of vitamin A. These two powerful vitamins help to control the oxidative and free-radical damage that may contribute to arthritis.

    · Chile peppers: Chilies contain capsaicin, which gives the peppers their heat. These vegetables also help block pain by encouraging certain nerve cells to run through their supply of substance P, which they normally use to help transmit pain signals.

    · Curry: A combination of spices that often includes turmeric, garlic, cumin, cinnamon, and so on, curry contains powerful antioxidants that may help relieve inflammation and reduce pain.

    · Fish: The omega-3 fatty acids in Norwegian sardines, Atlantic mackerel, sablefish, rainbow trout, striped bass, and other fish may help reduce inflammation and pain.

    · Garlic: An ancient treatment for tuberculosis, lung problems, and other diseases, garlic also appears to relieve some forms of arthritis pain. Although you may not be popular with your closest friends garlic is definitely worth a try!

    Fighting inflammation the omega way
    Fat is considered a boogey-man. This substance causes heart disease, and it contributes to obesity, cancer, and a host of other ills. You’re told to cut the fat off your meat and out of your diet. However, certain kinds of fat, specifically the omega-3 and one type of omega-6 fatty acids, can be aids against arthritis. Omega-3’s are seen as the new ‘wonder drug’ and we will be talking about it in the near future!

    When the above is combined with a good fitness regime (visit for yours!) major benefits may be felt.

    July 14th, 2008

  10. The Fruit Smoothie - An Easy Way to Your Five a Day!

    Today’s hectic lifestyles coupled with rapidly increasing costs of fresh fruit and vegetables can make it hard to achieve the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables daily. Many people turn to vitamin supplements and while supplements do have a nutritional role to play, they have their drawbacks and should not be relied on entirely.* Absolutely the best way to obtain your nutritional needs is from fresh produce.

    One way to achieve the recommended daily target is to buy a smoothie maker and mix yourself a fruit smoothie to have with breakfast. Quick and easy to make, you won’t need the culinary skills of Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay. Put some fruit juice, low fat natural yoghurt and several different fruits into the blender, press the button and in less than a minute you will have a delicious fruit drink, full of natural goodness and fibre and (depending on the variety of juice and yoghurt you have added) virtually free of artificial additives and flavours.

    Drinking a smoothie every day will ensure you:

    start the day properly hydrated;

    obtain a broad spectrum of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants important for health and general well being;

    obtain a generous portion of fibre helping to aid digestion and ensure good bowel health;

    start the day with a good dose of fructose which has been scientifically proven to be the best “brain fuel”;

    The fruits or vegetables you chose will depend on personal taste - the options and possible combinations are endless and will vary as different products are in season. Experiment to see which work best for you**. Save money by ditching expensive vitamin supplements and eating natural produce instead. [Remember it is not essential to use fresh fruit. Frozen or tinned fruit (use fruit preserved in its own juice and not syrup) are equally as good.]

    There is a slow release of carbohydrates into the blood when low GI foods are digested. The majority of fruits are low GI foods. Because sugars are released slowly as they are digested, energy levels remain constant for longer, delaying the onset of hunger. This can help with both weight and financial management - have that smoothie for breakfast and you will feel fuller for longer helping you avoid the temptation to indulge in the chocolate muffin with your cappuccino on arrival at the station or the expensive (and often sugary) mid-morning snack when the snack van arrives at the office - save yourself “£’s” and “lbs”!

    Are you tempted by the “BOGOF” offers on fresh fruit at the supermarket on the weekend only to end up throwing half the “bargain” fruit away towards the end of the week because it is “overripe?” Use a smoothie maker and the amount of fruit you throw away will dramatically reduce. You can use fruit which is “over ripe” in your smoothie - by the time it is blended, you won’t know. Save some pennies and do your bit for the environment too - less discarded fruit going to landfill reduces the amount of methane building up from rotting food material.

    We hope we have inspired you to add a smoothie to your breakfast menu and demonstrated that the five a day target is not so hard to achieve. Send us your favourite smoothie recipe to [email protected] and we will publish it on the Blog for others to try.

    for more details visit

    July 14th, 2008

  11. The Importance of Water

    Why is it important to drink plenty of water every day?

    Did you know that water can aid weight loss? You’re body requires water to metabolize properly, and to maintain a healthy weight.

    Aim to drink 8 glasses of water every day and more if exercising. These 8 glasses do not include soft drinks, coffee, alcohol, tea etc. Drinks with caffeine and other chemicals can actually be more dehydrating. Anything that the body doesn’t use has to be flushed away.

    Let’s talk about weight loss. Recent studies show that a large number of British people are overweight. Water is necessary to dissolve fat. Water also helps regulate body temperature through perspiration. When the body is dehydrated it will hoard subcutaneous fat as an alternate way to regulate its thermostat.

    Not only does water aid weight loss, there are many other benefits of water that people overlook.

    Some of these benefits include:

    Reducing occurrence of headaches
    Increasing concentration
    Helping to eliminate bags under the eyes
    Reduce cramping
    Keeping bowels healthy and aiding digestion
    Increased endurance

    Water is needed for just about every vital function of your body. Water is free, legal and abundant.

    Everybody knows you need water to live but most people do not understand the importance of water in day-to-day function. Even fewer people understand water’s role in fitness.

    Many people are chronically dehydrated and are not aware of it. Symptoms of chronic dehydration include dyspepsia, ulcers, back pain, heartburn and rheumatoid pain amongst other ailments.

    For those engaged in exercise, water becomes even more vital. Exercisers who drink fluid may last 33% longer per session than those who don’t. Water helps your electrolyte balance and is critical to muscular strength and coordination.

    How do people know if they are dehydrated? Symptoms of mild dehydration include thirst and a dry mouth. However, you can be dehydrated long before you feel thirsty. A good way to tell if you are dehydrated is by the colour of your urine; if you are fully hydrated, it should actually be colourless.

    To recap, water provides benefits in weight loss, athletic performance, digestion, healthy skin and eyes and numerous other areas. Water is also important in the prevention of obesity, muscle cramps, digestive problems and many other ailments. Most people do not drink enough water. So have yourself a wonderful glass of nature’s super chemical - water.

    for more details visit

    July 14th, 2008

  12. Vitamin C - Some of the Health Myths Exposed

    Vitamin C offers a whole range of health benefits. It helps in maintaining the balance in ligaments, tendons and other tissues. It is commonly found in fruits and vegetables such as potatoes. Vitamin C has anti-oxidant properties and is known to help fight the symptoms of ageing. It also helps to protect blood cells from toxic substances found in the air which can cause cancer.

    Vitamin C Functions
    The most important benefit offered by vitamin C is collagen formation. Collagen is essentially a protein substance that helps keep all the cells together. Vitamin C aids in the formation of collagen. Without vitamin C, the formation of collagen is interrupted. Vitamin C is present and active within the cell wall where it aids in modifying pro-collagen into collagen.

    Vitamin C also helps in the absorption of iron. Iron is essential to keep us healthy and vibrant. It maintains a healthy and clear skin, fresh complexion and healthy gums and teeth. It offers a healthy functioning for all glands and organs including adrenal and thyroid glands. It also aids in relieving all sort of stress, both physical and psychological.

    No research has shown any effective result in treating common cold symptoms by using vitamin C supplements.

    Vitamin C Deficiency
    So, we can easily understand that vitamin C is important to our health system. Vitamin C benefits in various aspects. A deficiency in vitamin C may result in soft gums, skin hemorrhages, collagen deformation, Achilles’ heel, anaemia, and slow healing. If your diet lacks vitamin C, you may well find yourself ageing a bit quicker than you had hoped!

    Deficiency in vitamin C may also lead to weak immune system, so resistance to all diseases becomes very low.

    Mostly you can obtain vitamin C from citrus foods such as oranges, limes and grapefruits. You can get vitamin C benefits from vegetables such as tomatoes, green peppers and potatoes. Vitamin C is also available in various foods such as cantaloupes, honeydew melon, red peppers, strawberries, mandarin orange, mangoes and kiwifruits. However, the essential nutrient quality of vitamin C can easily be damaged during food processing. The quality can also be harmed if the vegetables are submerged in the water for too long.

    So, it is always better that you use fresh, unprocessed fruits and vegetables as much as possible to receive maximum vitamin C value.

    Vitamin C plays a significant role in a healthy diet. However, excess intake is not remmended. If taken in excessive amounts, it may cause damage to health.

    So for a lifetime of fitness and health make sure that vitamin C is included in your diet ……… but don’t overdo it!!

    for more details visit

    July 14th, 2008

  13. Want to lose weight? Eat MORE of these fat burning foods

    It may sound like a contradiction but if you want to slim down, you actually need to eat. While there are no magic foods that melt fat the following can help kick-start your metabolism, fill you up and even lower your body fat percentage. So don’t forget to add them to your shopping list.

    1. Salmon: This cold-water fish is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids - heart-healthy polyunsaturated fats that help reduce inflammation throughout the body and may, in turn, keep your weight down. Recent studies show that chronic inflammation can interfere with how your body responds to leptin, a hormone that helps regulate appetite. Choose wild salmon in preference to farmed salmon if you can and aim to eat one serving a week.

    2. Coffee: Research shows that the caffeine may help you to tackle more intense workouts, which can translate to burning more calories and fighting off weight gain. Loaded with antioxidants, coffee may also lower the risk of Parkinson’s, type 2 diabetes and some cancers BUT steer clear of calorie-laden coffee drinks with whipped cream, chocolate and sugary syrups. Instead, opt for a latte or cappuccino made with skim milk.

    3. Yogurt: Calcium is king when it comes to staving off hunger and helping you lose weight; research shows it may also help prevent your body from storing fat. Yogurt is high in protein, which helps you stay fuller longer and keeps blood sugar levels stable.

    4. Eggs: There’s a lot of nutritional goodness in an egg including quality protein, B vitamins and vitamin D. Research published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition found people who ate eggs at breakfast lost twice as much weight, stayed full longer and had more energy throughout the day compared to those who ate bagels for breakfast.

    5. Walnuts: Because they’re high in protein, omega-3s and monounsaturated fat, walnuts satisfy and keep you fuller longer than snacks that aren’t rich in protein and “good” fat. All you need is a handful.

    6. Bison & buffalo: Good news for red meat lovers: bison and buffalo taste similar to beef but are lower in fat, cholesterol and calories. Choose bison or buffalo instead of beef for a burger and you’ll save over 40 calories, 6 grams of fat and 3 grams of saturated fat, and get 25 percent less cholesterol.

    for more details visit

    July 14th, 2008

  14. Check this out you will not be disapointed. They call it the “myspace” and Facebook of the health and fitness world.

    September 17th, 2008

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