Bob Hoffman Old-School Body Building Book Archive

Bob Hoffman established the York Barbell company in 1932. With the weight lifting equipment and publications produced by his company, Hoffman had a profound influence on the fitness industry.

Although many of Hoffman’s publications have been out of print for some time, his books can be found on the site, “Eugen Sandow & The Golden Age of Iron Men” - a website primarily devoted to reproducing out of print collections of bodybuilding and weight lifting books circa “the strong man era”.

Although these books tend to be fiarly old, much of the material hasn’t changed much.  In fact, books like the “York Handbalancing Course” are still very informative.

See the Hoffman archive, here.

Hang Clean Lunge Combo

Tonight I did a quick workout consisting of 5 rounds of 10 hang clean lunge combos, 10 handstand push-ups and a muscle-up into 5 ring dips. I didn’t go all out on intensity and instead took it a little easier than usual. However, I thought that the hang clean to lunge combination was a great full body exercise. It really gets the quads and hamstrings. Tonight I went with only a 75lb bar, but it could easily be scaled up (or down) as necessary.

Check it out here:

Lunge tip: kiss the ground with the knee; keep weight nicely distributed over both front and back feet; initiate the push back up with the front heel.