Forget the Gym - Check Out This Urban Parkour Training and Conditioning Video

This video demonstrates a number of incredibly great bodyweight workouts - some of which I’ve never seen before, but will definitely be adding to my own routines. Never even thought about doing a hop after a one legged squat (pistol). And the L-sit on the balance tape is seriously wicked.

The two man partner exercises might also be good for a class (although I did go to a Crossfit class in San Fran once where someone took a serious header during a fireman lift/walk team WOD - ugh… that was aweful). The two man squat reminds me of these donkey calf raises (lol).

Granted, some of these exercises are somewhat advanced and/or require an urban landscape appropriate for them, but trainers take note - the gentlemen from Norther Parkour have a lot of great exercises that can be incorporated into your programs.