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group-hip-hinge.jpgWhile having gym equipment at hand is a serious bonus to any workout, as I’ve mentioned before, the effectiveness of bodyweight workouts shouldn’t be underestimated. By performing seemingly simple bodyweight exercises, you can still have a very good routine while benefiting from the ability to workout at places other than a smelly gym.

Enter the TRX Fitness Anywhere system. What is essentially a nylon trap with handles on each end enables you to extend your bodyweight exercise repertoire and perform some neat exercises that would be probably be difficult to do without something like it.

The TRX Fitness Anywhere strap mounts on your door, over an I-beam, or over some other structurally sound mounting point. From there, either by holding onto the handles or strapping your feet through them, you can perform a variety of interesting suspension bodyweight exercises such as the “Atomic Press” (think pushup combined with a hanging leg raise). A bunch of demos of the possible exercises are available on the TRX website.

The TRX system was developed by Randy Hetrick, during his years as part of elite Navy Seals teams for use in quarters where sufficient exercise equipment was scant. As time went on and as it became more and more apparent that he had a good fitness product on his hands, Randy made continued modifications to the system, bringing it to where it is now.

According to a NYT article, the TRX Fitness Anywhere has “entered the mainstream”, becoming part of over 1,000 gyms throughout the U.S., being used by individual trainers and for group classes. TRX has also been used for pro Football training.

The Exercise Equipment Expert has a good review and video of the TRX Fitness Anywhere system and highly praised it for not only helping to give a good workout, but for its relative inexpensiveness as well.

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  1. I agree with you that bodyweight exercises can be effective for strength building, and if done correctly on their own, or with a device like the TRX, they can become an entire fitness routine unto themselves.

    If you’ve never done suspension training on a TRX and think it looks easy or it’s “only for girls”, try it and get back to me after you’ve scraped yourself off the ground.

    Boyweight training is, by far, more effective than any cheap home gym could ever hope to be in its’ wildest fantasies.

    September 11th, 2007

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  6. Sounds like the bowflex….except it is even more liesurely of a workout. If it was developed for Navy seals to use in cramped spaces would there be enough room to attach it to a roof beam and stand up? Seems it would be a hard sell to a Seal that the best exercise in a crapmed space is anything but the good old fashioned push up.

    February 2nd, 2009

  7. Larry Craig

    I am an advid triathlete. I ordered the TRX system online. It was shipped quickly and I was excited to receive it so fast. However, once I began using it I found that it was not well made and difficult to use. I would give it a 2 out of 5 stars. The bottom line is that I would not recommend purchase of this product. It is mostly marketing fluff. There are many better and more cost effective solutions on the market.


    July 1st, 2010

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