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Paul Walker and Fitness – Paul Walker Men's Health Cover

How Paul Walker Trains to Stay Fit

I know this is from March, but I haven’t really been reading my Men’s Health magazines lately. In March, however, Paul Walker made his umpteenth appearance in Men’s Health. From a fitness perspective, his article wasn’t super inspiring. Titled, “Find your Balance”, Paul talks about how to do just that. Turns out that although Paul’s movie roles typically require him to be fit, he doesn’t necessarily train at a gym. Instead Paul will “dive or stand-up paddle or canoe-surf or swim, or even do pullups from tree branches if I have to. And of course, there’s surfing.”

If the last few days in Southern Ontario are any indication of what kind of weather the Summer holds, I’m down with those suggestions as well.  The point is, a gym isn’t a necessity to stay in shape.  Get active in many ways.  The more you do or try out, the more you will discover that you absolutely love and the less “lopsided” you will become.  Life is short – get out there and, for lack of a better word at the moment, do stuff.