Lance Armstrong - Men’s Health Guy Jan 2009

So Lance makes the cover of the Jan\Feb 2009 issue of Men’s Health.  As one of the planet’s most competitive guys and in obviously good shape, he’s on track to compete in the 2009 Tour de France and attempt to claim an 8th win.

How does Lance do it?  How does he seemingly drive so hard and not feel any pain?  According to the article on the cycling machine, he uses a training method in which he rides at an intensity just under his lactic threshold (where the move from aerobic to anaerobic takes place and the breakdown of glucose causes lactic acid build up - that good old burn).

The article didn’t go any further into his training methods, but there were some good snapshots of Lance on and a bosu.  pfft…  And yes, apparently Lance swings the kettlebell.

Read the Men’s Health article, here.