The Fit Blog Spotlight: Sofia Boutella

Sofia Boutella - I can’t get enough of this girl’s moves. Sure, dancing can be learned, but there’s no doubt that Sofia has some seriously raw talent.

Sofia Boutella, half Armenian, half French, a life long dancer, landed a huge break in 2006, when she was picked up by choreographer, Jamie King, to represent femininity and Hip Hop for some Nike spots.  I’m not usually one for commercials, but Nike has put together some pretty nice arrangements in the past and the Sofia Boutella spots follow suite.

While dance generally categorizes under art, dance also epitomizes true athleticism.  Strength, coordination, flexibility, endurance - all key to the movements that can sometimes literally take our breath away.

Sofia Boutella - “can you honestly tell me, I’m not an athlete?”

The pic above can be grabbed from here.