Letter on Corpulence

William Banting

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I am fully persuaded that hundreds, if not thousands, of our fellow men might profit equally by a similar course ; but, constitutions not being all alike, a different course of treatment may be advisable for the removal of so tormenting an afiliction.

My kind and valued medical adviser is not a doctor for obesity, but stands on the pinacle of fame in the treatment of another malady, which, as he well knows, is frequently induced by the disease of which I am speaking, and I most sincerely trust most of my corpulent fiiends (and there are thousands of corpulent people whom I dare not so rank) may be led into my tramroad. To any such I am prepared to offer the further key of knowledge by naming the man. It might seem invidious to do so now, but I shall only be too happy, if apphed to by letter in good faith, or if any doubt should exist as to the correctness of this statement.


Late of No. 27, St. James s Street, Piccadilly,

Now of No. A, The Terrace, Kensington.

Maij, 1863.


Having exhausted the first Edition (1,000 copies) of the foregoing Pamphlet; and a period of one year having elapsed since connnencing the admirable course of diet wliich has led to such inestimably beneficial results, and, *’as I expected, and desired,^’ having quite succeeded in attaining the happy medium of weight and bulk I had so long inefectually sought, which appears necessary to health at my age and stature — I feel impelled by a sense of public duty, to offer the result of my experience in a second Edition. It has been suggested that I should have sold the Pamphlet, devoting any profit to Charity as more agreeable and useful ; and I had intended to adopt such a course, but on reflection feared my motives might be mistaken ; I, therefore, respectfully present this (like the first Edition) to the Public gratuitously, earnestly hoping the subject may be taken up by medical men and thoroughly ventilated.

It may (and I hope will) be, as satisfactory to the pubhc to hear, as it is for me to state, that the first Edition has been attended with very comforting results to other sufferers from Corpulence, as the remedial system therein described was to me under that terrible disease, which was my main object in publishing my convictions on the subject. It has moreover attained a success, produced flattering compliments, and an amount of attention I could hardly have imagined possible. The pleasure and satisfaction this has afforded me, is ample compensaion for the trouble and expense I have incurred, and I most sincerely trust, ** as I verily believe,” this second Edition will be accompanied by similar satisfiictory results from a more extensive circulation. If so, it will inspire me to circulatefurther Editions, whilst a corpulent person exists, requiring, as I think, this system of diet, or so long as my motives cannot be mistaken, and are thankfully appreciated.

My weight is reduced 46 lbs., and as the gradual reductions which I am able to show may be interesting to many, I have great pleasure in stating them, believing they serve to demonstrate farther the merit of the system pursued.

My weight on 26th August, 1862, was 202 lbs.

On 7th. September, it was 200, having lost 2

27th, 197 - 3 more

19th October , 193 - 4 more

9th November, 190 - 3

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