Double Unders

As I’ve mentioned before, Crossfit is a great program to follow if you’re looking to get fit. The workouts are hard, but they’re supposed to be. Crossfit is also a wonderful community of lots of helpful advice and inspiration. If you’ve never done a crossfit workout, give it a go and try out the WOD (workout of the day).

From the crossfit WOD video archive, here’s a great one of some double unders.

Pushup Variations

Without further ado, I present my second attempt at an exercise video demonstration. This time, I cover pushups and variations thereof.

Pushups are often thought of as a simple bodyweight exercise and are pushed aside in favour of the infamous bench press. It’s unfortunate because pushups are a great exercise. Once again, it’s a case of simplicity being grossly underestimated. 50 consecutive pushups is an exercise worthy of only quite fit individuals. And once the standard pushup becomes a breeze, there are a multitude of variations to be taken on. In fact, there is probably no exercise like it, in its ability to get increasingly more difficult through subtle variations.

With this video, I try to go through a bunch of these variations and I’ve arranged it in an order that I believe to be from easiest to most difficult. I admit that I struggled with the single arm pushups at the end and as such, used a fancy video dissolve in order to cover it up (although with little success). Regardless, please enjoy…

p.s. For those of you interested in who the band is, it’s a Canadian band named Bedouin Soundclash from their 2006 album, Sounding a Mosaic (which, IMHO, is a fantasic album).

Floor Wipers

Some nights I’m just not up to going to the gym (this is especially true on Wednesdays for some reason). So tonight, instead of heading down there, I decided to head downstairs to my home gym and do it up in the comfort of my own home. As the workout progressed, I figured I’d do a demonstration of floor wipers.

Floor wipers became all the rage when the movie, 300, came out and popularized the “300 workout“. Floor wipers are a fairly simple exercise, but they really work the upper body. Lie on the floor, under a barbell. Press the barbell and touch your feet to the right side of the bar and then to the left side. That’s a rep. In my version, I perform another press every 5 reps. Here’s the demo. It’s my “Internet video” debut .