Wicked Busy, But Still Keeping Fit

Wow, it’s been a while since I last wrote an article here. Life has gotten hectic and is about to get even more hectic as my wife and I are expecting a baby in October (yikes!).

Despite the hectic schedule lately, fitness continues to be a prime interest mine. Although to be honest, I haven’t been getting to the gym much lately, but have fortunately been continuing to exercise and eat properly.

In fact, I’ve been finding that, from a maintenance perspective, a regular simple workout combined with healthy, properly clean eating can work wonders for maintenance.

In the last month, my fitness can be broken down as follows:


I continue to stay (mostly) off the grains (with the exception of the occasional patio/deck beers). BBQ meat is one of my main foods, lately supplemented with home-grown garden salads. For snacks I’ve been sticking primarily with yogurt and gorp (good ol raisins and peanuts) and almonds. When I’m in a rush in the morning, I’ve been opting for a protein shake and a handful of nuts.


Daily - One of:
An interval routine of pushups, situps and pullups
Lots of burpees (around 100 quickly)
About 3 hours per week of Beach volleyball
About 2 hours per week of baseball
Lots of stretching (nightly)


Getting lots of sleep - one of the most important (yet incredibly under-appreciated) elements of maintaining a healthy body.

While the Summer months make me think of relaxation and margaritas, it’s actually a season with lots of activity and things that need to get done. For me, anyway, it means prioritizing and spending less time on some things. Exercise and maintaining a healthy body can fortunately be done with little time and don’t require a gym. In fact, in the Summer, maybe it’s best just avoiding the gym as much as possible. The last place you may want to be during the sunny days and warm nights is cooped up all sweaty indoors.

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