Finding the Right Running Surface

Finding the right running surface may be as important as finding the right shoes. But of course, it is a finding that can only be acknowledged subsequently to trying multiple options. However, there are a few key points to keep in mind when determining the best running surface for you.

If you have an urban lifestyle and you cannot go trail running every weekend, you may want to consider the city’s offerings, which includes a generous range of concrete surfaces. This is a plus as you can find them everywhere and you have full access wherever you are. Concrete surfaces are also generally smooth, which is a total plus as even surfaces are the least damaging.

Of course, concrete is not all milk and honey, as it can affect your lower body muscles and joints. Concrete is s hard material. Running on concrete impacts your bones, muscles, tendons and tissue, more than most other surfaces. You may want to take a deep breath before submitting yourself to runs on concrete.

Treadmills are the easiest choice you can make. They are in every gym, and contemporarily speaking, they can be in every home. They are always smooth and cushioned and relatively harmless. They offer you a great variation of speeds and levels and ways of permanent self checking during the running session. The designated programs of treadmills are meant to keep you energetic and willing to reach your daily aims. And of course, running on treadmills will keep you away from the capricious weather, and that is a major advantage. But a disadvantage of treadmills is that they do not keep you competitive with yourself. It can become quite boring as you may get the feeling you are always at the start point. Plus, a gym cannot offer the beauties of nature. It offers straight white clinic walls and no freedom, but what it does offer, and le’s be fair, is the opportunity to keep your body moving even when the cold winter seems to never stop or when it has been pouring for five days.

If you are looking for the lowest impact, then you are looking for a dirt or grass surface. Being natural, it is not a surface that respects lines and measures and angles. It has the infallible capacity of absorption, so the impact will almost not be felt. Trail running also provides the possibility of scenic views and interesting landscapes - terrain that would be very difficult to replicate on a treadmill and can provide a run that is imensley more enjoyable.

But with the varied terrain, you have to keep in your mind that you will likely face an uneven surface, which is usually the culprit for sprained ankles and tendons twisting. Open your eyes widely for what may be hidden under fallen leaves. Do not stumble into an emerging hidden tree root or other little obstacles hard to spot. Yes, you may have to sacrifice your attention so that you do not take any regrettable steps.

This being said, be careful with making the right choice. Experience all the alternatives, but make sure you rapidly decide on the right running surface for you.

This article is a guest post by Miki, writer for, a site where you can read professional treadmills reviews

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