Calories and Sugar in Top 20 Popular Drinks

When you’re thirsty, what do you grab from the fridge? We all know that water is best as far as calories go. It’s also easy and cheaply available. But unfortunately it is also bland and quite boring. Lately I’ve been kicking it up a notch by including a bottle or two of carbonated water in the fridge. I find it adds a little something extra to the otherwise ho-hum beverage. Sometimes, however, I’ll go for a beer or juice. But how many extra calories would I be consuming by making the alternate decision?

Here’s a top 20 list of some of the most popular drinks and their associated calorie and sugar counts. A couple pints of Guinness and I’d be at my 100% daily caloric intake :)

Item Calories Sugar (g)
Guinness beer (1 pint) 210 17
Coca-Cola Classic (1 can) 140 39
Fruit punch - concentrate (1 glass) 120 27
Apple juice (1 cup) 117 29
Hot chocolate (1 cup) 112 20.8
Orange juice (1 cup) 112 21
Dr. Pepper (1 can) 110 30
Heineken beer (1 bottle) 110 7.5
Bud Light beer (1 bottle) 110 6.6
Milk 1% (1 cup) 102 12.7
Champagne (1 glass) 91 1.2
Tonic water (1 can) 90 23
Coffee - 1 cream, 1 sugar (10 oz) 75 9
Red wine (1 glass) 74 1.8
White wine (1 glass) 70 0.8
Lipton iced tea (1 cup) 70 20
Martini (dry) 62 1.5
Club soda 0 0
Tea - black (1 cup) 0 0
Water (1 cup) 0 0

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