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Awesome Nutrition Blog – Raw Foods SOS

Raw Foods SOS is an awesome nutrition blog by Denise Menger, a nutrition fanatic, freelance writer and raw foods evangelist with an obvious lot of knowledge and food smarts. Not only does she take great effort debunking studies and mainstream nutritional thinking, she does so with a incredibly appealing writing style. Her article titled “The China Study, Wheat and Heart Disease” goes into brain exploding detail on why wheat should be avoided at all costs. Denise takes all the data from the study and puts her own numerical analytics genius to work, pulling truth from the numbers and reflecting thoughtfully on her conclusions.

I was going to simply highlight that sole article on the evils of wheat, but instead I recommend that anyone at all interested in nutrition should take a read of Denise’s many articles.  Definitely great writing worth reading.  Possibly the best nutrition related blog I’ve seen outside of Robb Wolf’s Paleo blog.

On a related note and plugging two separate blogs in one single post, Robb Wolf’s Paleo Solution Quick Start Guide is a fantastic super quick guide that highlights some key points about the Paleo diet.  Anyone interested in weight loss or eating “clean” should take a look.