Yoga Heart Acrobatics

As part of my all encompassing quest to be fit, I’ve taken up a Saturday morning yoga class. My wife convinced me that it might be a nice change of pace. And it was. I’ve been seriously enjoying it. But I’ll get more into that in another article. This one’s intended to be a shorty.

While surfing some yoga video clips on YouTube (there are a lot of good ones available… lots), I came across a demo of AcroYoga. As the name suggests, it blends the asanas of yoga with the aerial gymnastic wonders of acrobatics. A juxtaposition seemingly fit for only the strongest yogi’s and yogini’s, but is a marvel to watch.

Shake up your chakras and check out part 1 of the demo yourself below. It was apparently videoed during a LuluLemon Yacht party. Boy, those sustainable apparel folk know how to party. Part 2 can be found here.

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